Heart Tending Workshop

Join Julie Jeske and Nikki Weaver for 2 hours of embodiment, self-love, intimacy and movement.

  • Are you ready to feel more connected to your heart and your truth?
  • How do you tend to your heart?
  • What does it mean to have an open heart and fierce boundaries?

We've made our Heart Tending Workshop available for purchase.

When you buy this offering you will have immediate access to a 2 hour video of our Heart Tending Workshop. During that time, Nikki leads as in hour of movement. And Julie leads an hour of prompts, exercises and tools for self-care, self exploration and self love.

You will also receive the audio recording of Nikki's yoga session and a PDF full of prompts, tools and rituals to help you connect to your heart and help you determine when you want to keep your heart open and when you want to protect it.

(this video was recorded during our live Heart Tending Workshop on February 12th, 2021)

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USD 50.00

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